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Content Management System (CMS)
WordPress is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems available for Web designers. It is used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. WordPress is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.
WordPress is easy to install
WordPress is relatively easy to install in a PHP/MySQL-based hosting environment. If you would like to see how Joomla works, I can help you to examine it. In 15 minutes I will show you how to set mysql and upload your website on your hosting server.
WordPress has intuitive management
It is very easy to manage your website with WordPress. The installation pack gives you a basic idea how you can build your website. You might have a look at some Joomla tutorials in order to see how the system is designed and in the process of building your site, you will learn the great functionalities of this tool.
WordPress templates are easy to change
There are lots of templates available for WordPress on the web. You can choose different themes for your sites depending on its structure and orientation.
Lots of extra resources for WordPress
If the CMS fuctionalities do not meet your requirements, WordPressallows you to add extra tools on your site. With Joomla you can have e-commerce, forum, gallery addons and more.
I recommend WordPress because it is so much more than just a powerful content management system. Here are some of the most important features “out of the box,” but the true power of Joomla is in its extensibility.

  • Content Management: WordPress’s simplified three-tiered system of articles makes organizing your content a snap. You can organize your content any way you want and not necessarily how it will be on your Web site.Your users can rate articles, e-mail them to a friend, or automatically save a PDF (with UTF-8 support f or all languages). Administrators can archive content for safekeeping, hiding it from site visitors.
  • Media Manager: The Media Manager is the tool for easily managing media files or folders and you can configure the MIME type settings to handle any type of file. The Media Manager is integrated into the Article Editor tool so you can grab images and other files at any time.
  • Language Manager: There is international support for many world languages and UTF-8 encoding. If you need your Web site in one language and the administrator panel in another, multiple languages are possible.
  • User Management: WordPress has a registration system that allows users to configure personal options. There are nine user groups with various types of permissions on what users are allowed to access, edit, publish and administrate.Authentication is an important part of user management and WordPress supports multiple protocols, including LDAP, OpenID, and even Gmail. This allows users to use their existing account information to streamline the registration process.
  • Contact Management: The Contact Manager helps your users to find the right person and their contact information. It also supports multiple contact forms going to specific individuals as well as groups.
  • Search: Helps navigate users to most popular search items and provides the administrator with search statistics.
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