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What is web maintenance?

Website maintenance is the act of keeping a website running perfectly. Although having a website is a good start for every business, it is not enough. You need to update and add content to your website. Your website should be monitored all the time to avoid any interruption. You may lose some customers just when your website is down in a few hours.


Why do you need website maintenance?

  • You can focus on your business rather than learning how to manage your website and solve your online issues.
  • Content should be updated all the time to get more visitors
  • Website maintenance helps your website to get better ranking on search engines
  • Maintenance reduces security threats by closing security holes
  • Your website should be backed up frequently to avoid any problem which can be happened by hackers
  • Adding new pages and posts is what you need to be happened on your website


What can I do for you?

If you are a website owner and you are a beginner in web programming and you do not have enough time to study web programming, you are in a right track. I am here to help you to maintain your website. Here is a list of my services to keep your site working smoothly.

  • Frequent back up of your website
  • Updating contents and adding images to your website
  • Solving SEO issues by monitoring your website every day
  • Contacting your host in case of any outage. I know your website should be always up and running
  • Checking your website speed and removing/changing whatever causes slowness
  • I will check your website links. They should be always link to a functioning web pages
  • I will update plugins and widgets
  • Checking traffic of your website is important. I will let you know if something weird was happening on your website


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