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Web Content Management System
A web content management system or WCMS is a web application which helps website owners to manage their website with little knowledge of web programming. They can login to their websites’ dashboard and make changes on different parts. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla are three the most famous WCMS.  WordPress because of its capability and simple dashboard is people’s favorite CMS.

WordPress is free and open source online tool which mostly used as blogging. It works with MySQL and PHP. It has been used by 20% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013.

What do we need to install WordPress?
To install WordPress you need a “Domain Name” and server space. Your web server need to be able to provide MySQL service too. My favorite web hosting company is “Dreamhost” because their prices are reasonable and their services are good. I always got good response from their customer service. In the Dreamhost dashboard you are able to install WordPress and Database by just one click. Moreover, they gave me server space which I could do all my backups securely. Here is a link to purchase your domain and server space.

>> Click here to purchase your domain name (website name) and server space from Dreamhost

What can I do for you?
I can help you to install your WordPress CMS and set it up for your business need. Also if you need personal unique website theme for your business, I can create it for you. To create your WordPress website you need to do steps bellow:

  1. Database and WordPress should be installed
  2. Website theme should be installed
  3. Required Widgets and Plugins should be installed
  4. Menu and Pages should be created
  5. Custom setup and final test should be done

I usually recommend customers to create their own personal theme and not using free online theme and it is because:

  1. Nobody knows what is going on the backside of free themes
  2. You cannot make any major changes on free themes
  3. Professional businesses need their unique web designs and they do not like their website be the same as other hundred ones
  4. You are the owner of your theme and you can make any changes on it without getting permissions
  5. Your theme developer can make any changes you need anytime in future
  6. Nobody has your theme and it means your website theme is guaranteed


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