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Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond are three main technological cities in the Washington State. There are plenty of businesses in these areas and each one of them need a website. I am going to talk about why a business, especially in Seattle, needs website and how we should get advantage of online activities.



Reference to “”, Seattle is the smartest city in North America and it means majority of people are educated, have access to internet, and mostly find their require stuff online by searching on websites. To know how important Internet is for you, just answer these questions. How many times have you searched for restaurant on search engines like Google or Bing? Did you check their addresses? Did you check their menus and prices? Have you purchased your books and other stuff on Amazon or ebay? Do you have PayPal account? Do you check your bank accounts and pay your monthly bills on their websites?  If you are student, how much are you online on Internet to do your assignment? How do you usually check the weather? and so on. 

Your answers guide you to find a valuable business success key and it is “Websites play very important role in your business”.  If you want to start a business, or already have business, you must know having updated website is one of your business requirements.


Why Website, Why SEO, and Why Maintenance?

Your website is the first part of your business which meet people (This is why you should have website), even before you. People search their requirements online (This is why you should do SEO), and they pick the business which has more updated information about its products and services (This is why you should maintain your website and keep it updated).


How to start?

You need to find the best website name (Domain name) for your business. Find something which represents your business and location of your business. In the other words you need to use your business keywords in your domain name. This helps Search Engines to find you easy. Also, you need to purchase web server space to put your website’s files which is called Hosting. Dreamhost and Godaddy are two favorite hostings in Seattle. I have used Dreamhost for my websites’ hosting because they provide me back up space and really quick customer service.


Collect Web Content

Your website needs content. Generally you need to put some information about you and your business on it. A generic website has About, Services, Gallery, and contact pages. You need to write about yourself, your business and services which you provide for your customers. If you are selling products, people need to know about them. If you have restaurant, people need to read about food menu and meal’s prices. People are lazy to read, so put more images and less content on your website. For your gallery you need business related images. Please forget to use Google’s images to download illegally. To respect others and get other's respect you can take some pictures or purchase them on different online image providers.


Logo and Branding

Your business needs to have logo because it gives your customers the feeling that your business is reliable. Moreover, a well-designed logo helps your business to be recognized among other same businesses.


Web design and Web development

Your website needs to have unique and acceptable design. Every business has its own requirements. A dentistry website cannot look like a restaurant website. Investing on design and developing your own theme can help you to encourage your web visitors to spend more time and read about your business.It means well-designed website would bring more customers for your business.


Can I use free theme?

There are many free themes (website design and structure) online and of course you can use them, The question is how you can trust them? Usually free themes because of their nature (FREE) are not reliable. Also, you will be jailed in a pre-designed structure and it means you should make yourself compatible with that free theme and not theme with your business needs. On the other hand, If you hire a web developer to design your website and code it, you are owner of your theme and you do not need to get permission from anybody to make any changes in your theme.


How to update my website?

My answer to your question is another question. How much are you free to work on your website and how much do you know web programming? If you have lots of free time to study web programming and making changes on your website, all you should do is installing a text editor and make your changes yourself. If you do not have too much web programming knowledge, WordPress is your answer. You should install WordPress CMS on your web hosting and install theme, plugins, and widgets on it. All you should do is logging to your website dashboard and making some limited changes on your web pages. Eventually if you are a successful business owner and have enough budget to invest on your online activities, hire a web specialist and let him/her do all your online works is a wise recomendation, so you can concentrate on your business rather than your website.


I myself do not trust businesses without websites. How could they afford to give high quality services to me while they are not able to manage their websites and inform people. How can I get information about them while they do not have any online records? I prefer to choose reliable well-managed businesses because I value my time and I do not like to waste my money on none-proffesional stuff or services.  




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