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If you have already a WordPress website and need to make some styling changes, you have two options. You can manipulate style.css in your theme folder or you can use child theme. In this tutorial I teach you how to create a child theme for your current theme. Child theme helps you to change everything back to the original theme by just one click in your WordPress dashboard. Instead of modifying the theme files directly, you can create a child theme and override within.

First of all you need to create a new folder (child theme) in WordPress theme folder. If your current theme’s name is for example “apple”, to make it easy call your child them “apple-child”. Now you should have two them folders called “apple” and “apple-child” in your WordPress theme folder. 

Copy your theme "favicon.ico" to your child theme. Also add and edit the following lines to the top of your new WordPress theme’s style.css sheet (this is your modified theme style sheet).  

 Theme Name:   Apple Child
 Theme URI:
 Description:  Apple Child Theme
 Author:       Your name goes here
 Author URI:  (or your website URL)
 Template:     Apple
 Version:      1.0.0
 Tags:         light, dark, two-columns, right-sidebar, responsive-layout, accessibility-ready
 Text Domain:  apple-child

@import url("../apple/style.css");

/* =Theme customization starts here—- */



Note: It is case sensitive so please be careful to make your changes. Any typo can make problem for you. 
Note: Theme Name, Template Name, and the URL address is so important to be filled out correctly.

Activate Child Theme
Now please login to your WordPress website dashboard and activate your child theme. 

Dashboard >> Apperance >> Themes >> Activate child theme ( in our example apple-child)


Now check your website. Boom. You did it! Just one thing more. Please create your new theme thumbnale and copy it to your child theme’s folder. 

Create Your Theme Thumbnail
This helps you to have a view of your child theme in the dashboard themes area. To create your thumbnail, take a screenshot of your website and resize it to 300 x 250 Pixels. Save your file as “screenshot.jpg” and copy this file to your child theme folder. Now if you check your dashboard theme area, you should see your child theme with its pretty thumbnail. 




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